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Nandi & The Music of the Plants

written by Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo
illustrated by Linda Varos

Join Nandi & her best friend Deborah as they discover the magic of the plant world. 

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Children naturally see and experience the magic in the world, but they are told that this magic is not real. Magical bedtime stories become childhood memories, not things that apply to adult life. nandī seeks to change this by encouraging children to carry the wonder and awe they naturally feel in nature, into adulthood. 

Parents recognize that school curriculums do not necessarily contain the most important messages that they wish their children to learn. Nature and the environment are two topics in particular that are studied from an objective rather than a subjective viewpoint….reinforcing the idea that we are separate from the world around us. 

By encouraging children to continually nurture their love and awe for nature, nandī works to ensure that the children today become the future custodians of conservation and preservation of the natural world through curiosity and discovery.

Praise for Nandi & The Music of the Plants

"As a passionate advocate for plant communication and the lessons the plant world holds for us, I am excited that there is now a children's book introducing the wonders of plant music. The author's desire to reimagine children's education around nature, is offered in this delightful story of a young girl learning of the importance of the more-than-human world through her own reconnection. Nandi & The Music of the Plants is not just a children's story, instead it is a contemplative work for parents and teachers seeking engaging ways to open necessary discussions about our relationship with plants, and subsequently all beings in nature, with our leaders of tomorrow. The story, with its accompanying workbook, is beautifully illustrated and highly recommended."

About the Story

Nandi is a little girl who represents the child in each of us….her love of and bond with nature is pure and she can see the magic in everything around her. Nandi is visited by a fairy who tells her that she has important work to do. Join Nandi as she begins her journey into this work, helping us to hear the music in the plant world that we all too easily ignore. Can Nandi help us more appreciate the life forms that give us life?  

The organization, nandī, was born through my love of the Music of the Plants device and its potential to connect us with the plant world in a way we may never have thought possible.

I created a children’s story as children are less conditioned by society’s expectations. They are naturally more open to ideas about which adults may remain skeptical. If humanity is to open its collective heart to communicating with the plant world, then the children of today lead the way for a more enlightened tomorrow. As humanity evolves, scientific developments like the Music of the Plants device will evolve into more imaginative and expansive ways of communicating with the natural world around us. We are either limited or unlimited by our ideas.  It is a blessing that children see our world with unlimited vision. 

Ignite, Encourage, Imagine...
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