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Nandi & the Music of the Plants

by Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo
illustrated by Linda Varos

Nandi is a little girl who represents the child in each of us….her love of and bond with nature is pure and she can see the magic in everything around her. Nandi is visited by a fairy who tells her that she has important work to do. Join Nandi as she begins her journey into this work, helping us to hear the music in the plant world that we all too easily ignore. Can Nandi help us more appreciate the life forms that give us life?  

Something caught Nandi's attention. There was something moving next to her. Nandi couldn't believe her eyes...it was a fairy!..... "It's time for you to learn more about the things you love," the fairy said.

Meet the Author

Nandini is  a freelance writer and ghostwriter now living in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida after a long career in Wholesale Banking in London, England. Her love of writing began in childhood, when she wrote songs and poetry. nandī was born through her love of the Music of the Plants device

more than a story

A New Approach to Education

nandī is currently partnering with schools and non-profit organizations working with children of all ages. Your investment in bringing the Music of the Plants to children secures a better future for them and our Earth. Your investment can be directed towards the purchase of Music of the Plants devices for children, and/or to assist nandī in travelling to schools and non-profit organizations nationwide. 

Music of the Plants

The Music of the Plants is a remarkable device created in Damanhur, Italy  It forms a bridge between our human senses and the electromagnetic variations of the surface of plant leaves and roots, allowing us to hear the electrical life force in a plant as electronic music.

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