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nandī was born through Nandini’s love of the Music of the Plants device and its potential to connect us with the plant world in a way we may never have thought possible. From this love, a story was born. Nandini created a children’s story, as children are less conditioned by society’s expectations. They are naturally more open to ideas about which adults may remain skeptical.

If humanity is to open its collective heart to communicating with the plant world, then the children of today lead the way for a more enlightened tomorrow. As humanity evolves, scientific developments like the Music of the Plants device will evolve into more imaginative and expansive ways of communicating with the natural world around us. We are either limited or unlimited by our ideas.  It is a blessing that children see our world with unlimited vision. 

nandī is a Sanskrit word, which in musical terms, translates to “a kind of song or musical instrument”. Nandi is also a shortened version of Nandini, affectionately used by her family and friends. The word nandinī, in Sanskrit musical terms, translates to “a particular composition”.

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Nandini’s hope and vision is that all will respect and love Mother Earth, with a deeper understanding that we are nature, not separate from it. Through nandī, she works to promote wisdom inherent in Plant Intelligence and raise awareness of biophilia through storytelling and a re-imagining of children’s education. 

"We are either limited or unlimited by our ideas. It is a blessing that children see our world with unlimited vision."

Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo
nandī Author and Creator, Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo
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