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Nurture your nature leader of tomorrow, today.

nandī Sing With Nature presents live, interactive classes - sharing the wonder, awe and intelligence in nature.

Classes are based on the most recent studies by plant scientists, carefully crafted to spark the imagination of children, inspiring young minds to recognize and connect with the intelligence in the natural world.

Ideally suited for the 8 -14 age group.  

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Nurture Your Nature Leader Course

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nandī sing with nature nurture your nature leader course

Emerge, Expand, Explore...

Classes will cover a range of topics, all tailored to inspire young minds.

Students will receive a folder with literature on the topics covered, with space to explore ideas. Appropriate for ages 8-14.
Session 1

-How plants sing.
-What is plant blindness?
-Can plants hear?

Session 2

-How plants speak to and care for each other.
-Are plants intelligent?

Session 3

-What do plants give us?
-What can plants teach us?

Session 4

-How our language affects how we see the natural world.
-How our view of the natural world impacts how we treat it

Session 5

-What is the Anthropocene?
-How do plants affect climate?

Session 6

-Biomimicry, Biotechnology and Bioengineering: how plants design technology.

Session 7

-How scientific study meets traditional ecological knowledge on plants.

Session 8

-Introduction to the botanists, plant scientists and biologists shaping our understanding of the plant world.
-How their work is challenging long held beliefs in the scientific community.

Plant & Nature Education and Inspiration for our next generation of leaders.

Weekly Sessions
February 13 through April 2, 2024. 

Jupiter Creamery
18591 131st Trail N
Jupiter, FL 33478

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