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Nandi & The Music of the Plants ebook

Nandi & The Music of the Plants ebook

Meet Nandi

Nandi is a little girl who represents the child in each of us….her love of and bond with nature is pure and she can see the magic in everything around her. Nandi is visited by a fairy who helps her to hear the music in nature and tells her that she has important work to do. Join Nandi as she begins her journey into this work, helping us to hear the music in the plant world that we all too easily ignore. Can Nandi help us more appreciate the life forms that give us life?

Publication Date: Dec 19, 2021
Language: English
Category: Children’s
Copyright: All Rights Reserved – Standard Copyright License
Contributors: By (author): Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo, Illustrated by: Linda Varos, Other primary creator: Veronica Chordas


Format: PDF/ebook


Nandi & The Music of the Plants ebook


3 reviews for Nandi & The Music of the Plants ebook

  1. shanti72.vc@gmail.com

    Truly a magical tale that educates young and old alike!

  2. Carla De La Pena

    I love the book and I can’t help but ask for more. It was a truly magical, educational, entertaining, and inspirational book. Both adults and children will definitely enjoy and learn from it. I can’t wait to read more of Nandi’s adventures.

  3. Sherwin Rampersad

    This is an absolutely amazing book…for kids and adults…we thoroughly enjoyed reading it…my kids love being outdoors and they can totally relate to the content of the book…now they want to find fairies and hear the music. This book is educational and a fun read and as a result it has totally captured the interests of my kids. I love how they keep going back to it because of certain parts which they love. Looking forward to more wonderful adventures from Nandi

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