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Nandi & The Music of the Plants

Nandi & The Music of the Plants

Meet Nandi

Nandi is a little girl who represents the child in each of us….her love of and bond with nature is pure and she can see the magic in everything around her. Nandi is visited by a fairy who helps her to hear the music in nature and tells her that she has important work to do. Join Nandi as she begins her journey into this work, helping us to hear the music in the plant world that we all too easily ignore. Can Nandi help us more appreciate the life forms that give us life?

Publication Date: Dec 19, 2021
Language: English
Category: Children’s
Copyright: All Rights Reserved – Standard Copyright License
Contributors: By (author): Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo, Illustrated by: Linda Varos, Other primary creator: Veronica Chordas


Format: Print


Nandi & The Music of the Plants


3 reviews for Nandi & The Music of the Plants

  1. I Misshula

    After reading this beautiful story written by Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo I felt immensely moved by her ability to take on both a spiritual concept and an important topic of the urgent need to help this planet. Her story allows a younger person to open up their imagination with nature, the seen, and unseen. Plus giving a voice to what young people can do with their own creativity. I can’t wait to share this outstanding book with my friends and family so their children can be inspired to see what they can create with their heartfelt dreams.

  2. slobba67

    Wonderful book! Well written, the illustrations are beautiful. My grandsons love it!

  3. Carol Sharp

    This beautiful and easy to read book will transport children into the magical world of plants and help them understand we are part of nature. It also empowers children to get up and do stuff that enables change. I was charmed by it and am keeping it in my house for when young ones come by.

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